Sunday, May 15, 2011

If I was going to be a HoBo I would never have a stupid doG

I saw a girl hobo down by the tracks this afternoon so I stopped and shared my half-eaten Twinkie with her and talked about how she liked smelling like pee. She said she couldn't tell. Anyway you can always tell a new hobo because: 1.  they haven't tied a red bandanna on their dog yet and 2.  they act all peppie.
I asked her about how she liked her dog and she said he was a real pain in the ass. I said why don't you let him run free like a real hobo dog so she let him go and he ran away. She called and called but he never came back. She had a tear form in her eye but I said, Just as well. She said she wanted to repay me for my kindness and I said it would be a buck-fifty. She asked if I had change and I said no ( I really did) but that I would have to owe her. So I kept the $2 because I started thinking about it and $1.50 wasn't enough. So it worked out. I saw her dog running in the bushes as she was walking away but I didn't say anything because I was doing her a favor.

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